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Shine or Go Crazy

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Babel 250

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We Are Brothers 2014

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West Palace

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White Swan

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Yunas Kiss & Cry

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Tough as Iron

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The Old Garden

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The Stars Are Shining

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The Target 2014

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Too Beautiful to Lie

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Unforgettable (2016)

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Slow Video

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Tazza: The Hidden Card

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Surplus Princess

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Stained Glass

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The Accidental Detective

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The Chronicles of Evil

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The Chosen: Forbidden Cave

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Smile Again

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Romance Blue

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Say Yes

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Section TV

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Plan Man

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Que Sera Sera

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Public Enermy Returns

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My Mind’s Flower Rain

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New Heart

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Parallel Life

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One Perfect Day

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The drama follows the lives of ordinary salary men and details their struggles in the workplace.


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20-years-old Cho-Won (Cho Seung-Woo) is young man with autism. He lives with his highly protective mother Kyung-Sook (Kim Mi-Sook) and younger brother (Baek Sung-Hyun), who sometimes resents the attention his older br...

Music Bank

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Inside Story Salon

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Guest(s): Yoon Sang-moo Member(s): Yoon Jong-shin, Jang Dong-min, Heo Ji-woong, Jin Joong-kwon, Lee Hyun-yi, Kangnam Subbed by: bumdidlyumptious Aired on: Updating

Law Of The City

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Killer Toon 2013

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A series of murders resembling Ji-yoon’s horror webcomic drawings occur and detective Ki-chul unravels the terrifying truth of the comics himself.


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This drama is about a prince is forced to live as a commoner and uses his gambling skills to take revenge on the King. Baek Dae Gil (Jang Geun Suk) is the best gambler in the Joseon era. He holds deep resentment in...

Mai Ratima

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Soo-Young (Bae Soo-Bin) is a Korean man in his early 30's. His life has been on a downward path. Mai Ratima (Park Ji-Soo) is a Thai woman in her early 20's. Dreaming of Korea, she enters into an arranged marriage with...

live info show 2

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Let Me Beautify Your Home

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Kill Me Heal Me

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A romantic comedy between a third-generation billionnaire with Dissociative Identity Disorder and a first-year Psychiatrist resident who treats him secretly. After a traumatic experience in his childhood, Cha Do Hy...

I Need Romance 2012

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Joo Yeol Mae (Jung Yoo Mi) gets entangled in a love triangle between her long term boyfriend, Yoon Suk Hyun, (Lee Jin Wook) and a new love interest, Shin Ji Hoon (Kim Ji Suk).

Hwasin: Controller of the Heart

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Starring Shin Dong Yup and Kim Hee Sun It's Hosts vs. Guests in this hilarious Q&A variety show about the different lifestyles between the generations. Comedian Shin Dong Yup, actress Kim Hee Sun and singer Yoo...

Hogoos Love

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Ho Goo has a twin sister Ho Gyeong. He has tried to pass the civil service examination, but has failed for 7 years. He also has never dated in his life. One day, he meets Do Hee. She was the most popular girl back in ...

Hello My Love

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Hyo-Jung (Jo An) works at a radio station as a scenario writer and DJ. Her boyfriend of ten years Won-Jae (Oh Min-Seok), promised to marry after he returns from his studies in France. When Won-Jae returns to Korea he ...

He Was Cool

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When highschool girl Han Ye-won (Jeong Da-bin) finds offensive note on internet schoolboard left by arrogant Ji Eun-seong (Song Seung-heon) from vocational school, she replies even more offensively. She doesn't know h...

Good Doctor

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A medical drama about a man with autistic disorder, who has mentality of 10-year-old, overcomes bias and discrimination by the society and becomes a pediatrician by utilizing his exceptional abilities that the illness...

Happy Ending

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Sin-goo is the owner of a car bar near Daehak-ro. His 40 years of life exist without sex because he is always so busy, but he lives on a joy of making money. Joon-seung is a 20 year-old guy who recently got together w...

Glass Slippers Glass Shoes

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This drama is about the lives of Tae-hee and Yun-hee, two sisters whose mother died while giving birth to Yun-hee. Their father, who loves them dearly, married their mother without their paternal grandfather's consent...

Forbidden Love

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kshow- Forbidden Love

General Hospital 2

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Jung Ha Yoon is a graduate from law school who successfully passed the bar exam. In order to become a prosecutor specialised in the medical field malpractice litigations, she came to the Song Eui General Hospital as a...

Day Trip

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A master (Song Kang-ho) and his student (Jeon Hyo-jung) visit a mountain to practice pansori following a music competition that left the trainee disappointed.


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"Downhell" Downhell is a Korean death metal band formed in 2000.

Ex-Girlfriend Club

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A popular webtooon writer writes about his ex-girlfriends. While his webtoon is being made into a movie, he meets a female film producer.

Fated to Love You (Korean)

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An ordinary woman happens to spend one night with the successor of a large company. She finds herself being pregnant….. 


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A plastic surgeon performs strange body experiments on his victims. A woman then goes to the plastic surgeon to seek out the perfect body. Through the surgery the women does receive the perfect body but also must now ...

Daddy Long Legs

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When Young-Mi (Ha Ji-Won) was a child, her mother told her a beautiful story about first love. She was surrounded by love of her parents and she has flutters about having her first love. Suddenly, her parents die. Aft...

Cantabile Tomorrow

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Musical prodigy Cha Yoo Jin (Joo Won) dreams of conducting orchestras, but despite his ambitions and international upbringing, he's begrudgingly stuck in South Korea because of a traumatic childhood accident. Cue Seol...

Cinderella Man

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A story of a rich man (Lee Joon Hee) who switches lives with a man who looks identical to him only the difference between them is the other man is poor (Oh Dae San). Seo Yeo Jin is a girl who studies at fashion design...

Coffee Prince

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The life of Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) is not easy; she works many jobs to pay off debts and even gave up her feminine image. Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) is the heir of a big food company, but his grandmother wants him t...

Bird That Doesnt Cry

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A drama about revenge towards Cheon Mi-ja (Oh Hyun-kyung) by Oh Honey (Hong Ah-reum), whose role model mother is murdered Insurance and loses everything. Starring Oh Hyun kyung

Bad Guys Always Die

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A Chinese teacher in Busan awaits 3 of his friends to spend holidays together in Jeju Island, Korea. Secret gangsters, Sexy Korean woman, old policeman and pastors exist in their tour one by one. The tour became a mys...

Blood and Ties

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Da-Eun (Son Ye-Jin) has completed graduate school and is set to become a newspaper reporter. She lives with her father Son-Man (Kim Kap-Soo) who lovingly refers to her as "my heart". Although her father does menial wo...

Apgujeong Midnight Sun

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"Apgujeong Midnight Sun" takes over the MBC weekday 20:50 time slot previously occupied by "Mother's Garden" First script reading took place August 26, 2014 at MBC Brodcasting Station at Sangam, South Korea

Age of Innocence

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Tae Seok, Ji Yoon and Min Soo were best friends in high school. Tae Seok, son of divorced parents, is secretly in love with Ji Yoon when he knows Min Soo also has a feeling for Ji Yoon. But Ji Yoon does not have a fee...

A Thousand Kisses

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A drama that deals with the age differences in relationships. Woo Joo Young and Jang Woo Bin explore the older woman-younger man relationship whereas Jang Woo Jin and Joo Young's younger sister, Joo Mi, deal with the ...

After School Club

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6 Persons Room

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After the dramatic-looking accident, Min Soo goes to the 6-person hospital room. He wakes up surrounded by women themselves. We will learn about their stories, to the accompaniment of humor and mystery.

2 Days & 1 Night

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The second season is a continuation of the first season but with four new members (joining three returning members) and a new PD. The members go off on a trip to a Korean village and try to survive. Throughout the sho...

Happy ending (2012)

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Shinigami no Ballad

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Show Me the Money 5

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WGM SoHan Couple

215 Views0 Comments

When A Man Loves

216 Views0 Comments

Winter Sonata

343 Views0 Comments

Yettie TV

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Whispering Corridors 5: A Blood Pledge

184 Views0 Comments

The Last Song

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The Priests

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The Wedding Scheme

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Thousand Years of Love

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Venus Talk

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Sketchbook of Youheeyeul

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Take Care of the Witch

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Sunny DirCut

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Soul Guardians

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The Bunker Season 7

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The Evil Twin

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Telecinema7 Postman to Heaven

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Sa Yug Shin

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secret campus

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Shadow Island

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Queen of Housewives

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My Brilliant Life

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My Wife is a Gangster 3

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Over The Rainbow (2006)

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Oh My Ghost

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My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol

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Memories of the Sword

412 Views0 Comments

3 warriors from the Goryo Dynasty lead a riot. Due to the betrayal of Deok-Ki (Lee Byung-Hun), Poong-Chun (Bae Soo-Bin) dies. Deok-Ki then tries to persuade Seol-Rang (Jeon Do-Yeon) to join his side, but she refuses. ...


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Movie Buff

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Lie to Me

252 Views0 Comments

Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture official, gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she's married to Hyun Ki Joon, a hotel manager from an affluent family. Their relationship is further...


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Just Do It

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Drowning in debt and evicted from their house, a family of four comfort themselves with a few drinks at a food cart. The drunken father stumbles off to take a leak and gets hit by a truck. Their saving grace? Insuranc...

I Believe in Love

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The story of Vice-Principal Kim and his wife, and the trials and tribulations they face in order to create a warm and happy family.

Lights And Shadows

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The story of Kang Ki Tae, the first national entertainer for soldiers in war fields starting from the 1960s during the Vietnam War.

Macho House

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Macho House


140 Views0 Comments

Soo-na, a 17 year-old student who lives in a huge mansion with her uncle and grandmother, is driven over the edge after the suicide of her best friend. She locks herself in her room, talks to someone that nobody else ...

Juvenile Offender

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16-year-old Jang Ji-Gu (Seo Young-Joo) takes care of his ill grandfather, while he hangs out with other troubled kids. He was abandoned by his parents at an early age. After another run in with the law, Jang Ji-Gu is ...

Idol Star Athletics Championships 2015

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Idol Star Athletics Championships 2015

House with a Nice View

114 Views0 Comments

Two women with different personalities have met! Ara (Han Na-kyeong) who works as a head of department at a people agency is an enthusiastic woman who meets secretly with her male clients just for the fun. On the o...

High School Love On

176 Views0 Comments

A fantasy romance drama about an angel who has no choice but to become a human to save a male student in danger. The noisy and ridiculous relationship between a mortal angel and teenage high school students will be un...

Hello Baby S5

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Green Rose

257 Views0 Comments

Lee Jung-Hyun (Go Su) is accused for murdering Oh Soo-Ah's (Lee Da Hae) father. He runs away and becomes a fugitive. Later, he returns and seeks out revenge. Oh Soo-Ah who is the successor of the enterprise "First Ele...

Guns And Talks

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South Korean filmmaker Jang Jin directs the action comedy Killeodeureui Suda, which is given the grammatically questionable English title Guns & Talks. The story involves a group of young attractive hitmen who liv...

Harvest Villa

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A mysterious suicide occurs in an old villa located in the center of Seoul, soon to be demolished. A huge legacy is left to Bok Gyu, a man who is completely unaware of his inheritance. The appearance of such a large s...

God of Study 2010

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Kang Suk Ho is an ordinary lawyer who decides to take up a job at the nearby high school. After seeing the conditions of the school and the poor grades all the students have, Suk Ho decides to create a special class p...


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At a time when students had to fasten their collars and crease their slacks till they're razor sharp, these four friends strutted around in their own custom-fashioned uniforms. They walked the streets with their heads...


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Yong-soo lives in a small coal-mine village in North Korea with his wife and young son. Although living in extreme poverty, the family is happy just to be with each other. Then one day, Yong-soo's pregnant wife become...

Descendants Of Hong Gil Dong

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When the sun sets, the Hongs, the perfect model family, busy themselves with the family thieving business. As descendants of Hong Gil-dong, the Joseon Kingdom's (1392-1910) Robin Hood who stole from the rich to give t...

Dream of 400 Years

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Kang Hee Sun is a professor at the Hanbaek Medical School who is called in when Jo Hyun Min, the owner of a traditional Korean house, finds a mummy preserved in a small room in the barn which was previously sealed off...

Fair Love

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Hyeong-man is in his fifties and has regrettably never dated. After having lost all his money to a close friend, Hyeong-man spends his monotonous and frustrating life in his photo studio. One day, Hyeong-man decides t...

Finding Sugar Man

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Crime Scene 2

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Crime Scene 2

Emperor Wang Gun

338 Views0 Comments

This is a historical drama about King Taejo of Goryeo, the founder of the Koryo Dynasty.

Cafe Noir

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Young-Soo (Shin Ha-Kyun) and Min-Yun (Kim Hye-Na) are teachers at the same school and also lovers. Young-Soo has now lost interest in Min-Yun. While travelling, Young-Soo meets a student's mother named Mi-Yun (Moon Ju...

Childless Comfort

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A drama about three generations of the Ahn family: elderly couple, their three sons and their wives and their grandchildren living under one roof and how communication and love in a family through quarrels and relatio...

Beauty Bible 2015 F/W

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Beauty Bible 2015 F/W

Bloody Reunion

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Buried grudges have disasterous consequences for a class reunion in this unapologetically bloody film from Korean director Dae-wung Lim.

Beautiful Days

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Young-jun, president of Young-Eum Music, fights the conspiracy of Sungchoon, president of rival company, Victory Records. But he ultimately dies while fighting. Sungchoon and his people cover up Young-jun's death as a...

Birth Secret

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Jung Yi Hyun (Sung Yu Ri) is gifted with a genius level IQ and has a good education. But when she happens to have retrograde amnesia, she loses ten years of her memory, from age 17 to 27. She's also unable to remember...

Apink News Season 3

258 Views0 Comments

Prior to the group's debut, the documentary A Pink News aired on the Korean cable channel TrendE. The show chronicled the debut process of the members of A Pink. The pilot episode of A Pink News was aired on March 11....

Alice: Boy from Wonderland

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Hye-Joong (Jung So-Min) can't remember anything before the age of 4. Every night she experiences terrible nightmares. Unable to cope with the nightmares anymore, she heeds the advice of a shaman and goes back to the v...

A Pink News S1

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5 minutes before chaos

394 Views0 Comments


A Frozen Flower 2008

779 Views0 Comments

A historical drama set in the Koryo dynasty and focused on the relationship between a king and his bodyguard.

18 vs 29

529 Views0 Comments

Hye-chan is a 29-year-old unhappy wife of a popular movie star, Sang-yeong. While on her way to file for a divorce, a car accident drastically changes her life. Hye-chan recovers as the same 29-year-old woman, but she...

Go! Series

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The Great Wives

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202 Views0 Comments

WGM JoonMi Couple

220 Views0 Comments

Whispering Corridors

231 Views0 Comments

Wonderful Life

292 Views0 Comments

You Can Cook with Chef Sam Kim

219 Views0 Comments

The Golden Bell Challenge

74 Views0 Comments

The Man From Nowhere 2010

126 Views0 Comments

The Shameless

68 Views0 Comments

The Tiger : An Old Hunter’s Tale

68 Views0 Comments

Time Shi Gan

55 Views0 Comments

Ufo In Her Eyes

106 Views0 Comments

W – Two Worlds

334 Views0 Comments

Thank You My Son

58 Views0 Comments

Sweet Spy

90 Views0 Comments

Still Walking

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75 Views0 Comments

The Cut

71 Views0 Comments

The Front Line

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62 Views0 Comments

Ruby Ring

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Secret Sunshine

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Illusionary Paradise

122 Views0 Comments

Ja-yeong(42) gets a message from her husband that he is going to immigrate. Being afraid of not seeing her son again, she escapes from the mental hospital. Cho-hee(17) cannot resist the hospital director's sexual assa...

Potato Star

63 Views0 Comments

Real GOT7

64 Views0 Comments

My Father and I

65 Views0 Comments

Nine: Time Travel Nine Times

57 Views0 Comments

My Secret Hotel

157 Views0 Comments

Operation Proposal

108 Views0 Comments

On My Way To Meet You

30 Views0 Comments

Nice Shorts

73 Views0 Comments

Mask (Korean Drama)

267 Views0 Comments

Ji-Sook (Soo-Ae) goes through a difficult period, due to her father's private loan. She begins living as Eun-Ha. Eun-Ha is from a wealthy family and looks like Ji-Sook. When Min-Woo (Ju Ji-Hoon) was only 7 years ol...

Il Mare

249 Views0 Comments

In 1997, architect Sung-Hyun moves into the home 'Il Mare' that his estranged father built. One day, he pulls out a letter from his mailbox. The letter is from a young woman who addresses the new occupant of the 'Il M...

Movie Queen of Night 2013

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Let’s Dance

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Kiss Me Kill Me

217 Views0 Comments

A quiet, professional killer, Hyun-jun, arrives at a house to kill a man in his sleep, only to discover a woman alone under the sheets. She shouts at the dazed Hyun-jun, "What's the matter with you. I paid for you, so...

Jeong Seung Pil Mystery

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"The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J" is a detective-comedy centered around fund manager Seung-pil Jeong (Beom-su Lee). Seung-pil Jeong manages some 50 billion wons in assets and suddenly disappears one day. His fiance Mi...

Man on High Heels 2014

268 Views0 Comments

Ji-wook is a cold-blooded detective who would brutally assault and stop at nothing to catch criminals. However, despite his perfectly masculine appearance, Ji-wook struggles with a secret desire to be a woman. At last...

Love At Sarangbang

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The once dignified male protagonist is now portrayed as a wretched swindler, the demure widow as a lustful woman with an insatiable appetite for her newfound prey. Hae Joo (Kim Won Hee) is a simple-minded, young mothe...


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It's a love story between the disobedient student Kang-wook and his teacher Yool-ju set in a high school in Chuncheon. Before meeting Kang-wook, Yool-ju has been dating Tae-hyeon, a public prosecutor. But over time Y...

Liar Game

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The heroine is sent a mysterious note inviting her to join the Liar Game and given a huge amount of money, and she is instructed to somehow trick the other player out of their sum. When she falls victim to the other p...

Idol Army

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I Love You, Dont Cry

338 Views0 Comments

A heartwarming love story of a couple that has been deeply hurt in the past. No matter who it is, everyone harbors hidden emotional pain. Even the person who seems happiest on the outside may hold secret pain in his h...

Hope 2013

237 Views0 Comments

On a rainy morning, little So-Won (Lee Re) leaves for school, which is not very far from her home. Her father works at a local factory and her mother runs a modest neighborhood stationary shop below their home. So-Won...

Here Goes April

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Get an intimate, candid look at the fun girls of new K-pop girl group April! In this fun reality series, the six members of April show off their distinct personalities as they face a number of fun challenges! The grou...

Heartless City

226 Views0 Comments

Yoon Soo Min decides to find her friend's killer by going undercover and finishing what she started. However, she ends up falling for the drug lord who her friend was investigating until her untimely death.


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Sung Chan is a talented cook. He peddles food from his truck all over the country to discover the best and precious traditional Korean cuisines.

Half Moon Friends

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Half Moon Friends

Girl’s Day – KiraKira SLIM

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Golden Bride

558 Views0 Comments

Jin Joo is a half Korean and Vietnamese girl who marries a Korean man, Kang Jun Woo, in order to come to Korea to look for her biological father who abandoned her. The drama is not only about her searching for her dad...

Full House Take 2

326 Views0 Comments

This series pivots around a hapkido teacher Jang Man-ok (Hwang Jung Eum) becoming a stylist of top idol group TAKE ONE, composed of the perfectionist Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo) and a free yet kind guy named Won Kang Hwi ...

Daddy’s True Colors

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Doggy Poo

135 Views0 Comments

Once upon a time, a little doggy poo lived on the side of a road. He felt all alone in the world. He believed that nobody needed him for anything, and that he had no purpose in life. If only Doggy Poo had a reason for...

Enemy At The Dead End

130 Views0 Comments

The man who wanted to die meets someone he wants to kill! Min-ho always tries to commit suicide. He is in the hospital long term from a brain disorder and suicide attempts when Sang-eob joins his room. It's the man M...

Fantastic Parasuicides

128 Views0 Comments

Fantastic Parasuicides is an omnibus film consisting of three short films that come together under the common theme of “suicide.”

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